Inner Journey

This process is for both those who have been on their Soul Awakening Journey for some time, and also for those who are wanting coaching/guidance/change work in their every day life or starting on their Soul Awakening/Connecting.

I am a Multidimensional Being, and my purpose is to offer "Awareness of the light". Heart Centred Evolution.  I share a space with you of frequencies of love, kindness, respect, which can lift you out of whatever non-beneficial issues are going on for you.  With a different view, from a different dimension of energy, by putting a light on, enables the truth to be revealed, the truth of who you are as a Divine Being.

We journey together into your "Inner World", into your "human" belief system, the emotional field and thought field, to shine a light, to bring the light out, to know your true essence.

If you are wanting to change those things that aren't working on an emotional,  psychological or spiritual level,  that are not working with relationships in your personal life or at work, or generally in social interactions,  then it's time to look inside yourself, or to deepen your journey.

I support others to see where they are hiding or protecting themselves in their inner world, where they are  stuck, feel like they are in a black hole or blocked, held back, tired, anxious. I support you in clearing the thought patterns, emotions and beliefs that are unconsciously causing you to live a life that is 'less than' you want and deserve, that are contributing to poor health, unsatisfying relationships and dullness in life. I support you in finding your connection to yourself, your soul and the Divine Creator. Freeing yourself, getting back into the flow of life as an expression of you unique being.

Awareness with Love

How do I work with you? I stay with you in my heart.

It's not complicated, it can be simple.  As we listen, observe, we become aware, we become conscious, we contemplate.  We then have a choice to shift our awareness, to shift our focus to a more authentic way of being.  I offer alternative views, different paths, insights.  We work energetically together to open up more options/more frequencies/more dimensions of realty within you. To enable you to remember who you truly are and who you have always been. You become aware of what has "overlaid" your true essence.

If we need to use a clearing technique, then we will.  I find the most powerful way is to "go inside ourselves" to see/feel/hear/wonder what layers of our being are there and are reflecting out into our world.

Integrating in to your natural being, brings wholeness.

We create layers of ourselves to be in the world, and we live through these layers.  To evolve as our "natural self" then letting go of these layers is essential, otherwise we evolve as our "false self" and add on more layers.

I offer you tools and techniques to use if needed, which will support your energetic shift.

My own journey back to me, has shown that there is no one right way to remember/awaken, so we explore the best ways for you.  However I realised many years ago that my path was/is Love, and to fully "Be" this and to live as Love.  Discovering, Remembering, Letting Go - I am here to share with you.  Embody Light, Embody Source. Your Divine Self has always been there!

You don't need to keep replaying the same old stuff that is buried in your subconscious or I like to call in your 'Inner World'.

In the process of letting go, you may need to let go of things from the past, but in the process you find yourself.

You have always had all your potential, you have just covered it up.

Have you asked yourself – Why do I do that? Why do I think like that? How come I am feeling that way?

We all do the best we can based on our upbringing, genetic makeup and the things we learn along the way. Are you open to the fact that if you change your beliefs then you change how you view the world?

The processes I use are very gentle yet very powerful.  I can hear, see and know what patterns you have set up for yourself, and guide you into your 'inner world' to change, amend, heal that which is waiting and wanting to be noticed, recognised and released.

If you don't express, investigate or release a feeling, it gets submerged into your body/mind system, subconscious, usually resurfacing in inappropriate ways.

I offer one to one sessions in Orchard Lea Workshop, near Ludlow, Shropshire or via Skype

I know what works and that's where my expertise lies, helping my fellow humans to 'Lighten Up' and live more fully as their Divine Unique Self.


Pricing - between £40 - £90 depending on the length of the session, and individual needs.   I am willing to be flexible to support others, so please do contact me to discuss you!