Live As Your True Self

Inner journey to freedom 

Live as Your True Self – Inner Journey

For those who have been on their own Awakening/Remembering Journey for some time, and also for those who are wanting Coaching/Guidance/Change in their every day life or starting on their Spiritual Awakening/Connecting.

I am a Multidimensional Being, and so are you and my purpose is to offer “Awareness of the Love/Creator/Enjoyer that you are”. Heart Centred Evolution. To remember and re-connect yourself, and the good feelings, the amazing feelings. To feel and be these in the world in all that you do.

I share a space with you of frequencies of respect, love, kindness, honour (and more!)- higher than some of the frequencies you might find “parts” of yourself in a the moment. This enables you to become more aware of more of yourself, and to be able to make different choices about thoughts in the past, and hence the now and future.  With a different view, from a different dimension of energy, by putting a light on, enables the truth to be revealed, the truth of who you are on all levels of your being.

I have the ability to see and hear the patterns of your outside life that are being reflected from your inside world, to bring you the life you have. I can show you/reflect back to you the unconscious patterns that are running. With this awareness you then have a choice. 

I am passionate about my work, and never cease to be amazed the healing ability of the human mind, body and soul. Life is always presenting us with new awarenesses and ways to investigate a problem, and insights into our ability to create life, and our ability to Live True Source.  

If you are wanting to change those things that aren’t working on an emotional/heart, psychological/thinking or spiritual level, that are not working with relationships in your personal life or at work, or generally in social interactions, then it’s time to look inside yourself, or to deepen your journey.  Gaining understanding of ourselves, changing how we feel, and then the magic happens!

Awareness with Love

I have known this way of working/being since 1994, and my own inner journey has taken me to greater depths of excitement, sharing, calmness, love, happiness, grace and beauty, and so so much more and I would so love for you to feel this too, to find your own depths of great feelings and  gradually welcome them home into physical reality. 

We have access to all emotions, all feelings, all thoughts, yet we sometimes get stuck in places that do not feel great!  To be able to be with, and allow to pass through, the negative states is a healthy choice. For example Anger can be a healthy expression yet to be stuck in this is not healthy, and is damaging to our physical body and also those around us.  We do not need to hang onto unhealthy, detrimental, negative feelings or thoughts.

To be able to consciously choose and eventually automatically be your True Self – how amazing.  With no filters of the negative imprints from society, school, work, family, friends (even though they may have been well meaning at the time!).  To undo the patterns and beliefs from the past, to reconcile trauma and unpleasant times in your life, and can allow the love back in to the physical reality, to allow your True Self to Live.

We all do our best with what we have and what we know.  We all do the best we can based on our upbringing  and genetic makeup, and the things we learn along the way.

There are times in our lives when we are ready to open up to new possibilities, or in other words, to allow our possibilities out from within us, to allow ourselves to shine in our own unique ways.

You don’t need to keep replaying the same old stuff that is buried in your subconscious.

In the process of awareness, you may need to let go/transform the unpleasant things from the past, and in the process you find yourself.

You have always had access to all your potential, you have just covered it up, mainly to keep safe.

Have you asked yourself – Why do I do that?  Why do I think like that? How come I am feeling like this?

Are you ready to change from the inside out?

The time on our planet now, is the time for us all to make that shift of connection to Truth, to ourselves, to the amazing beings we are. To transform our energies and hence our physical realities to love, acceptance, respect, cooperation, fun, creativity, learning.  As we do that within, and so it is outside of ourselves in all dimensions of being, and will have a ripple effect to those around us and far beyond.


  • You don’t need to keep replaying the same old stuff that is buried in your subconscious or I like to call in your ‘Inner World’.
  • In the process of awareness, you may need to let go of the unpleasant things from the past, and in the process you find yourself.
  • You have always had all your potential, you have just covered it up.
  • Have you asked yourself – Why do I do that? Why do I think like that? How come I am feeling that way?
  • We all do the best we can based on our upbringing, genetic makeup and the things we learn along the way. Are you open to the fact that if you change your beliefs then you change how you view the world?


We all create layers of ourselves to be in the world, and we live through these layers, which are not authentic, but can sometimes appear to be fun and more often than not can be painful,  as we have copied others or lived as we thought we were “expected to/should do/have to”, tried to keep ourselves safe, and most of the time we did our best with little awareness of how to be different. I call these layers your Not Self!

It is time to change/dissolve/transform these layers of your Not Self. To evolve as your “Natural Self” then letting go of these layers is essential, otherwise we evolve as our “false not self” and add on more layers.

How do I work with you? I stay with you in my heart energies.

It’s not complicated, it can be simple. As we listen, observe, we become aware, we become conscious, we contemplate. We follow the feelings/thoughts that you presently have, that will lead us to the “source” of that feeling or thought/belief. We journey together into your “Inner World”, into your “human” belief system, the emotional field and thought field, to communicate, offer love, bring understanding, to bring the energy and your natural true good feelings out and to radiate through your own multi-dimensional being, to know your true essence. This enables you to feel different, to feel better, to feel good, to think different, to feel love and have the energy to consciously/automatically choose a better way of living and being in the world. This will reflect out to your relationships, your work, your creativity and beyond.

You, as your adult self, have a choice to shift your awareness, to shift your focus to a more authentic way of being. I offer alternative views, different paths, insights and you will be amazed at the wisdom you already have within you. We work energetically together to open up more options/more frequencies/more dimensions of realty within you. To enable you to remember who you truly are and who you have always been. You become aware of what has “overlaid” your true essence. To welcome you back here!.

This is a very powerful yet gentle way to see/feel/hear/wonder what layers of our being are there and are reflecting out into your world. I act as your guide/facilitator, to be with you as you need.

Integrating in to your natural being, brings wholeness.

My own journey back to me, has shown that there is no one right way to remember/awaken, so we explore the best ways for you. However I realised many years ago that my path was/is Love, and to fully “Be” this and to live as Love. Discovering, Remembering, Creating, Letting Go – I am here to share with you. Embody Your True Source.

You have always been there!

I offer one to one sessions in near Ludlow, Shropshire UK or via video link

I know what works and that’s where my expertise lies, helping my fellow humans to ‘Lighten Up’ and live more fully as their Unique Self.

How many sessions? This is entirely up to you, depending on your initial presenting concern, how your own internal system would like to process, some are quicker than others and some like to take their time.  The more you are aware of the process then the more you get excited about the benefits of paying attention to you and ultimately living as your true self.   It is a journey of discovery, and I realise there is a Right Timing in our Universe.

I also offer sessions that involve an introduction to Human Design and Gene Keys, to give more insight into your gifts and qualities.  So best to contact me and discuss you then you can decide the way for you.


£50 – £80 a session for between 1  and 2 hours. Longer sessions can be arranged to include an introduction to your Human Design and Gene Keys, which give information relating to your unique qualities at this time,  please let me know if this is of interest to you. I am willing to be flexible to support others, so please do contact me to discuss you!