Dowsing Energies in Houses & Land

  • Prone to Fatigue and Ill Health?
  • Having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep?
  • Having treatments that don’t seem to bring lasting improvements?
  • Feel uncomfortable in a particular part of your home?
  • Can’t seem to sell your house?
  • Your house doesn’t feel like a home?
  • Think you may have ‘Sick Building Syndrome’

It could be that some form(s) of geopathic stress is/are present and your house energies could do with some help.
Many of my clients come from word of mouth recommendations and from therapists who recognise that their clients may need assistance to improve the energy of their home, in order to facilitate or maintain healing.

As part of my service I offer my ability to resonate the energy of particular qualities/feelings that you request. I normally ask for three words to describe how you want the place to feel and set these energies in place for you.

What Energies can be in a House or place?

There are many forms of energy that can be present in the environment and potentially affect people. From reports of Geopathic Stress and Sick Building Syndrome in my experience, I have come across and been able to resolve the following:


Energy lines

Naturally occurring energy lines arise from the earth and are present all over the earth. These can be manipulated to a degree by man’s influence but do originate naturally. There are many different techniques that have been developed for dealing with lines that are having a negative effect. Although possible to move these lines, they will tend to return to their original location. It is also possible to get them to skip a space by use of crystals for example. You can buy machines that will override certain scope of frequencies common on these lines. Copper rods can be used to ground the energies out of the space considered. But all these techniques deny their potentially positive effect for us as human beings who should be fully connected to the earth.

Earth energies are there to support us and assist our positive development and the earth also benefits from our positive interaction. The energies of the earth have changed over time as our own human energy system has developed, mutually supporting the expression and expansion of consciousness.

My method for healing these lines is to work with them, transforming them to a more harmonious frequency, similar to re-tuning a guitar so that the string resonates a pure note.


Hartmann and Curry grid lines

Regular spaced lines criss crossing the planet at intervals.
Where these intersect can give rise to unharmonious energy in that space for some people and are best avoided by moving bed locations for example.


Underground water lines

from current or past water activity that may be quite deep down.
Some of these are termed black water lines as they seem to convey some sort of pollution or sickness in the water. A continuing flow in one direction can sometimes lead to the energies of the place being pulled in that direction to the detriment of stability and balance.

Electromagnetic variance

can be along fault lines, even relatively minor. An area or line where the strength and direction of the natural electromagnetic field is different. Best brought into harmony with the surrounding field if possible. May require reconnection of the fields through actual physical means.

Ley lines

is a general term that can encompass a number of the following types of line.



these can be regular routes of passage taken over time, leaving an imprint along the line travelled. Not exclusively human in origin. These can include the death roads that used to lead to churches in medieval times. These lines can often have energies stuck on them that need reconnecting to their destination, often separated by human activities in the landscape.

Earth Energy lines

these naturally arise and re-enter the earth and form a complex web. Humans have redirected and split these lines in a symbiotic management of the earth energy system, now forgotten in time.

Spirit lines/routes

There are energetic lines that can attract or be the route for spirit travel. If blocked or affected, spirits can still be attracted but then stuck on theses energy lines. A column of light appropriately placed may assist, as well as working on whatever the blockage is.

Spiral forms of earth energy

coming out of the ground or going down into the ground are very common. Descending, draining spirals often associate with locations where people feel drained, are often poorly and have ongoing health issues or cannot fully recover from illness. If a draining spiral is located that is drawing energy off the occupiers, it will affect on a specific level of the body/energy system. Assessment includes strength as well as how it affects. There can also be a number of energy residues trapped in that location, for example repeating human trauma residues from accidents at the same place. A draining spiral can be either transformed and neutralised so that no energetic feature is present, or can in some cases if appropriate be transformed to a positive, rising spiral, bring up earth energies to be used by people or nature.

Other energetic forms:


Elemental Energies

Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether(Spirit).
These can be asked to move to more harmonious location if appropriate. I dowse direction and distance then focus on locations and link the two. I then ask the location going to if ok to receive and then ask energy if ok to go to that place. Holding focus on both locations I invite and witness the transportation of the elemental energy to rebalance both locations. It is also possible that excess elemental energies may need dispersing.

Nature Spirits

Commonly associated with trees or other aspects of the natural environment. May be appropriate for the residents to negotiate and work with these energies to benefit themselves and link into the purpose inherent in the place.

Energetic Residues

Plant, Animal, Human
These may need healing through connection, understanding, bringing to awareness and processing, especially the emotional understanding and processing. Their transformed core light will need to transfer back to their originator or go to the universe.
Human residues and others can be emotional, mental, spiritual as well as physical. Residues often arise from a traumatic experience occurring in the place and leaving an imprint or memory.

Chakra centres

Just as we have energy centres, so does the earth, in many places where the different levels of energy interact.

Guardian or spirit of place.

Obviously meant to be there but may need to develop and change when the use of the place develops/changes.

Fabric of the building

often wooden parts still having some residue of tree spirit. Sometimes how the fabric has been constructed or the shape and position of elements that may restrict the flow of energy.


Often objects have significance and may need drawing attention to for the residents. This can include where they are located, how they are considered, bringing an important issue to the fore for consideration or need to get rid of or let go of perhaps.

Man-made electromagnetic fields

such as nearby microwave emission. Can be dealt with sometimes through a grounding tools such as the half circle and spike metal into the ground. Can also be dealt with energetically or materially through appropriate positioning of a spiral of the right metal, number of turns and overall size to be dowsed.

Electrical wiring and transformers

In particular the static fields associated with transformers and direct current low voltage light circuits in ceilings. If sensitive these can act as a consistent physiological distraction and give rise to headaches, a feeling of being distracted or not able to focus.

Ghosts/ spirits

These are often trapped or stuck in a place due to how they died or a belief pattern that existed for them. Sometimes there can be several, trapped in relation to each other. By understanding and releasing them from the belief pattern, they are freed.

Structure generally

I can dowse to see if a particular issue being experienced is linked to a part of the house, then seek to transform they energy in that location for benefit. (good for money issues, relationship issues) This may also reveal the need to provide honour for elements in the place or provide objects that can symbolise and assist focus.

Negative human residues

can be deliberately directed to or in a place and need transforming or sending back. Mirrors (etheric if appropriate) and sealing direction using Cho-Ku rays can assist. Sometimes can be due to bad neighbours current or historic.

Dimensional Portal

The energy structure linking to higher dimensions, can be assessed and cleared to a higher level, e.g. from 4th dimension to 7th and above.


Pricing – between £35 – £120, depending on size of property, location, if clearing is needed etc

The house or place will also need to be checked for anything nearby that may be influencing from a distance. When dowsing, I also check if there is anything else, even if it has not been experienced before. In my experience, geopathic stress or sick building syndrome experiences can be solved.

Richard Osborne