Health Dowsing

Accessing the Bodies Information Field - Working with Causes to Create Change - Remotely or in Person

I was extremely fortunate to train with the late, great Jack Temple way back in 2004. He was a 'Master' Dowser. The Healer and Medicine Man are two of his books

From the knowledge I gained from Jack, and also from an equal Master Dowser in Berkshire, Mike Abbot (who helped me restore my Under Active Thyroid without taking Thyroxin) I added my previous 15 years experience of 'Energy Work'. I am especially interested in how Emotions and Beliefs play a major role in our physical well being, and how clearing away non beneficial patterns/programmes allows our truth to be manifest, and our love to shine through


How could you benefit from Health Dowsing

Disappearance or reduction of existing symptoms

Alleviation or reduction of pain

Increased or more stable physical energy

Greater emotional strength

Improved absorption of nutrients and excretions of toxins

Improved mental abilities e.g. alertness, concentration, peace

Gaining a sense of well-being, inner strength and lightness

Health Dowsing recognises that each of our bodies are unique in its genetic make-up, conditioning, and vibrational rate.

We react internally and externally to the following:



Environmental pollutants

Electromagnetic field


Pathogens - Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses

Inherited illnesses/Ancestral Patterns

Food we eat/ Sleep/Oxygen/Light/Movement

Subtle energy residing in the home, e.g. Geopathic Stress

Our Multi-Dimensional Universe

Any of these (and more) can be the underlying block, restriction, cause or contributory factor of ill health. It is obvious then, that each of us has a unique body, energetic structure and needs. The work of a dowser is to to identify the above factors relevant to you, and then give options as found for what your whole multi-dimensional being would benefit from  for  health and well-being and your highest evolution


How I Dowse

Our body knows what the cause(s) of any presenting physical/emotional/mental/spiritual/soul situation is, but this knowledge is often not available to us consciously. I connect to your bodies information field throughout past, present and future (multi dimensionally), to seek answers to these situations and imbalances. Just like water dowsing can connect us with the vibrational frequency of underground water, health dowsing will connect us with the unique vibrational frequency of the body, mind, soul and beyond, aiming to identify the areas where the frequency is out of balance, creating disease and negative symptoms, and aiming to reconnect you to your own healing ability. Each person and each situation is unique and I treat you as such. Dowsing aims to provide a precise and specific direction toward the causes and contributors of ill health, and also specific direction toward the optimal health for you . An empowering process enabling you to be part of your restoration to health and wellbeing and creating a better way of being


Progression through the Priority Areas

Finding the causes and contributing factors of your present situation. Your system will respond well to assistance that is respectful, gentle and appropriate, and will give information that is priority for you at this time, e.g. If you have digestive problems, it maybe that your liver needs assistance before your stomach, or an emotional trauma needs dealing with before the toxins/bacteria will release from your digestive system.

I ask your 'Information Field' for the priority area that needs support. Taking into consideration all body systems, organs, glands, meridian lines, chakras, vitamins/minerals, allergies, life lessons, toxins, emotions, beliefs, soul retrieval and many other questions.

Priority Dowsing can also be used as Preventative Medicine. By having regular check ups, you are able to prevent something happening in the physical, that is only presently affecting you on an energetic level, or can be used to reduce the potential future effects.
e.g. You have visited the dentist, had local anesthetic, your body is unable to totally clear out the anesthetic, and gets stored in the lymph glands of your neck, 6 months later you start having a stiff neck, but don't relate it back to your previous dental appointment. You could have prevented this by having a dowsing session after the dental appointment.

Many times however, the priority is not to clear or unblock anything, but to introduce a supportive/different energy to your system, that will remind you how to become balanced/harmonious/connected/authentic.

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine recognises that there are many subtle forms of energy which contribute to the optimal working of cells in the body.

When dowsing has found the priority areas for change, I engage with these subtle energies to find out what would be the safest, optimal way to create change. We then work together, aiming to bring about these changes at a cellular level/ a quantum level/ a physical/emotional/mental/soul level. Sometimes remote dowsing will shift the energy, sometimes I use radionics, sometimes an appointment in person assists in understanding and changing the situation especially if there are emotions/trauma/belief patterns involved, sometimes another alternative/complimentary therapy is more beneficial.  I also use energies from our earth, including flower, tree, crystal, homeopathic, sacred geometry and numbers, and I sometimes incorporate a star constellation energy that has been dowsed for you to connect with and to assist with regeneration. - I totally trust the intelligence of your system and our galaxy and beyond to provide guidance.

Every living thing has its own unique energy.

I can work distantly with folk anywhere in the world, and have many International clients, or with appointments in Orchard Lea Workshop, Nr Ludlow, Shropshire.


Pricing - between £40 - £120 depending on the length of the session, and individual needs. I am willing to be flexible to support others, so please do contact me to discuss "you".