Dowsing Workshops / Training


We are keen to share our knowledge/skills/experiences/expertise

Have you ever wanted to learn Dowsing or improve your abilities.

Are you Curious as to how Dowsing will benefit you?

Do you want to learn something new?

These are the workshops planned to date, and will be regularly updated.

We have trained many people individually or in their private groups, so please do ask if this is of interest to you.

Introduction to Dowsing

Health/Spiritual Dowser – Practitioner Training

I have been a Health/Spiritual Dowser for 17 years now, and thought it about time I passed on my knowledge/skills to others, enabling them to become Practitioner of Dowsing.

I will be teaching a whole course, 3 days a month for 5 months in 2021/22 as follows:

 3/4/5 December 2021, 11/12/13 Feb 2022, 15/16/17 April 2022, 10/11/12 June 2022, 12/13/14 August 2022

The total cost of the training is £250 for each 3 days and I ask for £50 deposit in part payment of your first weekend, to reserve your place. I am willing to accept payment of £250 each month or for the whole amount.

Those who complete the training, and are found to be competent after completing at least 6 case studies (which I will assess) can decide to apply to join the British Society of Dowsing as a Professional Dowser.

To apply for this course you will need a basic understanding of anatomy/physiology, an enquiring open mind, and a desire to support others in life. You will use your left brain logic and right brain intuition and creativity.

I will teach you how to find:

  • “Priorities” for a clients health and wellbeing
  • Cause and contributing factors to ill health and unease and how to build your questioning techniques to find these
  • Levels of Vitamins and Minerals/Enzymes/Amino Acid/Tissue Salts/Neurotransmitters/Beneficial Gut Microbiome
  • Beneficial/non beneficial foods
  • Toxins within and outside the body, and from what age did this happen
  • Pathogens – parasites, fungus, virus, bacteria, where are they are what can be done about them
  • Electromagnetic Stress/Geopathic Stress and what can be done to reduce the stress
  • Emotional traumas, where in the body are they causing problems and from what age, and how to make changes
  • Non-beneficial belief patterns and the consequences of and how to change these
  • Spiritual disturbances – to include all other energy frequencies/energy bodies of your own or not of your own, how these are disturbing a system, and what can be done about this
  • Which part of the physical body is being depleted e.g organ, gland, body system – as in depth as we need to go for each individual client

I will also teach you how to use Dowsing:

  • To provide/make vibrational remedies for clients, which will include sacred geometry, numbers and intentions
  • For homeopathic remedies
  • For flower and tree remedies, crystals, colours, sounds
  • Necessary nutrional supportive and clearing supplements
  • To enable change of frequencies relating to emotions/thoughts
  • To remove blocks to living as an Authentic Being
  • To connect to your multidimensional self and parts of you that can support/guide your work

I will show you how to provide a report for a client and conduct follow up sessions. You will be provided with handouts and will be expected to take your own notes, to ultimately build up your tool kit to become a Professional Health/Spiritual Dowser.

It will be a full-on/intensive course, with only 6 people being taken on each 5 month course. The course will take place in South Shropshire, England. It maybe that some of the 3 days will be conducted via video link, this will depend on the participants – please do enquire if this will suit you better.

****Also – there are many weird and wonderful things I have experienced and found out in my life (which I consider to be normal!) , and I will be sharing these with you as it feels fit, throughout the course. So be prepared to be “taken off track” sometimes!!

If this is of interest to you, please do contact me – Lynn Osborne –
or ring on 01584 892049


We also offer individual or specific group teachings on any of these subjects, so if you can’t make these dates, do email or ring to discuss how we can help


One Day Workshop – 13/11/21, 26/3/22


To Include:

  • This workshop will include a brief introduction into how to dowse, for those attending who have no previous experience
  • Dowsing lifestyle choices which maybe beneficial or detrimental to health
  • Find vitamin/mineral deficiencies & how to dowse the best supplement
  • Find food intolerances and beneficial food
  • Check for toxins & pathogens in your body
  • Dowse what maybe preventing healthy sleep/movement

One Day Workshop – 14/11/21, 27/3/22


To Include:

  • This workshop will include a brief introduction into how to dowse, for those attending who have no previous experience
  • Dowsing a variety of Basic Homeopathy, Flower Remedies, Tree Essences, Herbs, Tissue Salts, Beneficial Gut Bacteria & Digestive Enzymes, Colours, Crystals, ways to neutralise EMF’s to bring about changes to your health & wellbeing. You will also be able to experience the effects of colours & crystals & EMF’s. Information on a mind, emotional physical and spiritual level will be considered with all these remedies

One Day Workshop – 22/1/21, 7/5/22



  • This workshop will include a brief introduction into how to dowse, for those attending who have no previous experience
  • Our energy system is often restricted/blocked by trauma/shock/ unmet human needs/ copied beliefs patterns from parents, school and society.
  • You will learn how to use Dowsing to trace these restrictions/blocks, bringing awareness and a choice to change. To release the energies of our Divine Self
  • You will learn and experience techniques to remove non beneficial emotional energies and non beneficial belief patterns

One Day Workshop – 23/1/21, 8/5/21



  • This workshop will include a brief introduction into how to dowse, for those attending who have no previous experience
  • Dowsing remotely and in person to find any restrictions in different energy fields within and around the physical body, ascertaining what that might mean, how these are impacting the physical, mental and emotional bodies and how to make changes.
  • To include meridian lines, sacred geometry, energy centres, star energy frequencies, electromagnetic frequencies, and whatever else we can find on the day!!

All workshops are suitable for complete beginners & those who would like to bring something new to their existing dowsing abilities.

Each Day Will Be

9.00am – 6pm In Bitterley, nr Ludlow, South Shropshire UK

The class size in person will be maximum of 8 people, and so plenty of individual support is possible. I am considering teaching via video link, if this is of interest to you please let me know.

£70 for the full on day, which includes handouts to enable you to continue dowsing beyond the day, and opportunity to ask questions of me during your next few months on your own! Please be prepared to work hard and have fun and an open heart and mind.

Refreshments provided, please bring your own lunch

Contact: Lynn Osborne, , 01584 892049



Dowsing has been used for centuries to give us access into our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies and the Earth. With discernment and good intentions we can benefit ourselves and others with this proven tool. I have been dowsing for 17 years now and would like to pass on my experience to others.

Every week for 9 weeks, join a group to learn and practise your dowsing skills.
I will teach you how to use a pendulum and to build your confidence in your own abilities.

We will be considering important health needs, which will include

  • food sensitivities
  • nutritional deficiencies and how to dowse for best supplements
  • toxins within the body
  • toxins within your environment
  • bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites which maybe a cause of ill health
  • lifestyle choices which maybe beneficial or detrimental for you.

Starting Tuesday 5th October 7pm – 9.30pm £10 each evening

To be held in Bitterley, Nr Ludlow, Shropshire

Contact Lynn Osborne 01584 892049