Hi Lynn, Thanks for checking in. I am feeling quite a bit better. I have kept off the dairy and have reduced the amount of wheat I eat (rather than cutting it out). I have also had to give a bit more thought to meals so my overall diet is probably better. Using shampoo bar instead of shampoo and stopped using creams with lanolin.....next plan is to get some shungite. As I mentioned, a lot of my strange symptoms have also been anxiety-related (maybe exacerbated by the adrenal stress you mentioned?) and they have subsided. I didn't mention it to you but I've also had breast pain for a while (doctor said it's just one of those things). Since I've stopped the dairy produce, this has gone away. When you think about cattle and how they're pumped full of chemicals to keep producing milk, I can't help wondering whether that might have affected my human mammary glands, too.All in all, I am very relieved to be feeling better so thanks very much for your help.


January 2021

I feel brighter, more energy, more space, a different willingness about me, I'm in a softer space, stuff is happening very quickly on emotional level - blown my mind


October 2020

Yes very happy to report I managed to get the doctor to prescribe the baby milk formula found via dowsing. My childs tummy seems good and without being graphic her stools are much better! So I really appreciate you helping out with that. If there is anything further you can do to help I’d be open to it, at the moment we all seem quite good thanks


January 2021

After dowsing session to ascertain any food intolerances/supplement deficiencies - All the itching has stopped except for the elbows, which are better but I think the problem is something different as the skin has changed and looks dry despite my efforts with the hand cream. Thank you for clarifying the lactose situation, and I will take the desensitisation to egg remedy and let you know how I get on. 2 weeks later Thank you for all your help and making me itchless!.


January 2021

Thank G-d, my energy and strength has improved a lot since your session for me. I wouldn’t say I’m on 100% yet but getting there I think. Waiting for the dust to settle from the divorce and then I’ll contact you again please G-d with progress and maybe for another session when I feel ready for the next shift.


January 2021

Over the last few days, a few items of interest have occurred. It was noticed that the bladder no longer appeared to resemble a ball of granite, presupposing that some degree of improved drainage had been established. This has continued and vastly reduces the risk to the integrity of the kidneys through undue back pressure. Hopefully, this alone has pulled me back from the brink of complete stoppage/catheterisation and provided some more time to address the overall problems. In addition, a difficulty which has accompanied me for several years has disappeared, viz, enormous and limiting stiffness to the upper right arm, neck and shoulder. This difficulty was so pronounced as to make it extremely difficult/uncomfortable to right-handedly wash my neck. Since I have had considerable amounts of dental work done over the years, it seems quite possible that this may have been related to injections. Although I’m a long way from out of the woods, I get more sleep, a huge improvement and, given the short period over which this has occurred, a great vote in favour of subtle energy techniques.


January 2021

I’ve noticed a very positive effect since taking the remedy. Feeling more socially connected Whilst enjoying time when I’m alone. The ‘neediness’ feeling has ebbed and it’s been a good start to the new year. Also noticed a kind of ‘opening up’ in my mind, as if a lot of cogs and mechanical workings have sprung into action after years of gathering dust. Quite an exciting feeling.


December 2019

My 89 year old mother commented to me last night she hadn't felt so well for a long time! Hurray, and thank you so much for your help! She did seem to have a strong detox/adjustment reaction in the night, which she had to Reiki and other energy therapies she's tried. Someone suggested to her in the past that psychically sensitive people like her tend to absorb high amounts of subtle healing energies and detox quite a bit accordingly, We've never tried radionics, and in reading more about it just now, I'm astounded at all that can be done with it.


January 2021

Thanks so much. I'm very grateful for your help, especially at such short notice, noticed such a difference with pain lessening and heart pain went this afternoon. I feel lighter and freer, stronger and it really helps that I understand more of what is going on, from your amazing finding's , all makes sense to me and helped me greatly, very much appreciated. Thank you so much also for your kindness yesterday when I was upset, I'm very grateful. I've had a better day today and was able to get a lot done as had some peace in the house for a few hours.


August 2019

I've been absolutely great actually, steady and open and assured - its been wonderful. The great thing about our session was that you highlighted stuff I would’ve never known I’d needed so couldn’t have asked for. Would I be able to ask you to ask my system if it needs anything else from you at the moment? Thank you for this and for saying "well done". It's really great to feel the changes thanks to you. I love it when there's something so tangible.


I have been very impressed with the quality and accuracy of your insights that I've seen with a few people now.


All going well. I continue with vitamins and supplement regime and feel much more energetic and creative - hurray! Sleeping well. I'm so pleased with the dowsing, thank you again


Belief pattern found "feeling sorry for myself" - client stated "I have definitely stopped feeling sorry for myself, which is what you confirmed, so that's nice to know, as in the past I definitely have spent a lot of time in self pity. So glad that I think twice before feeling like that now!" Also thank you for picking up my low thyroid, I have had this confirmed with my G.P as you recommended.


I hadn't realised there would be some "healings" as part of this too. I feel so much more myself than I have done in months though. Overall since our session, I have felt a huge shift/transformation - I cannot thank you enough.  I am settling into a much better frequency/groove and anxiety has dropped significantly


Thank you Lynn. I really appreciate your frankness. I didn’t think it would be an easy fix but didn’t think the problem was so deep rooted.


Good Afternoon Lynn, Thank you for the dowsing session. I have been more disciplined with my bed time routine and not looking at screens before bed as your recommend. I have found it a lot calmer when I got to sleep and have a better night, feeling much refreshed in the morning. I now feel I know what causes the headache so can control it, I am now feeling much better.


Yes, I definitely have more energy, though the steps are small and I need to carefully monitor how much and what I do.


I’ve been practising my heart and head stuff and after our last session I feel massively better mentally and physically. A big thank you for your help.

Feedback from a business group I gave a talk to re dowsing:

Thank you for coming along and running the session. It went really well – I thought it would do after we spoke beforehand but you never know do you and this group are quite varied. But they all thought it was a great session and got something out of it.