Living Your True Source

I invite you to know yourself more fully as a Multidimensional Energy Being

  • Are you invested in your Multidimensional Awakening?
  • Do you feel that important information is missing from your life?
  • You know that you are a Divine Being, yet you somehow long for a deeper understanding of your truth.
  • Are you stuck in your process of inner or outer transformation?

Sometimes we need someone else to assist in our next step,
I have an open heart and am here to journey with you

Why ?– You have probably done a lot of ‘work’ on yourself already, have been on the journey of self awakening for while, you may not want a ‘therapy’ session as such, you just want someone to give you information that you are unable to see or find yourself. You are now wanting to make that next shift, yet are unsure what that is. I can give you precise information as to the issues your ‘Information Field’ is highlighting as the ‘priorities’ for you to deal with, for you to change, that will then enable you to make the change in your external physical life

I am an Expert in Accessing a Individuals Energetic Information Field

I check for the following:

  • Non Beneficial patterns, beliefs, programmes, thoughts & emotions that are causing blocks & restrictions on an emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual resonance level, that are ready & waiting to be changed!
  • If within your belief structure the following are possible, I check these too:
  • Non Beneficial Entity Attachments e.g. earthbound spirits, ghosts, poltergeist, that are draining your energy resources.
  • Implants that are restricting your energy flow & running programmes that are outdated.
  • Any contracts, promises, vows you have made in this life or other dimensions that are now causing problems & you need freeing from.
  • Any spells or curses that you have received or sent, & are holding you back from experiencing the positive energies of life.
  • I can give you information as to when the above issues started i.e. this life or in other lifetimes/dimensions, how old you would have been, also how they are affecting you now. I have suggestions for clearing/stepping out of this reality and re-uniting with the purity of you, so you align more fully with your Unique Multidimensional Self.

So how can you benefit?

  • A profound recognition within you, about what you have been negatively invested in & the learnings that you can gain to move on.
  • A clearer alignment with emotional body, mental body, physical body & your soul, & hence to Your True Source Connection.
  • An understanding of the positive experiences your soul is now wishing to have.
  • I will provide you with written information & the opportunity to discuss my findings.
  • How quickly changes manifest themselves often depends on your individual belief systems & your conscious participation in the realignment process. Awakening Dowsing can make some profound changes & clients find that they easily change patterns & behaviours that have kept them stuck for years. However it is not a ‘magic wand’, nothing is! Even though “Frequencies” can be cleared on many dimensions, you also need to take action in the physical dimension to bring about change in your outside world.
  • If you wish to continue your journey with me I offer Inner Journey work along with Spiritual Guidance.

My wish for you is that you find and allow your true colours to shine through, to clear anything in the way of your Amazingly Divine Self.

Lynn Osborne, The Orchard Lea Workshop, Bitterley, nr Ludlow, South Shropshire, SY8 3HG | 01584 892049


Pricing – between £40 – £120 depending on the length of the session, and individual needs. I am willing to be flexible to support others, so please do contact me to discuss you!

Feedback from Awakening Dowsing Clients